7 Laws of the Mind : Study/Resource Aid

Seven Laws of the Mind

Law of Substitution

We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind ~ try to think about God instead. If that is too big a reach at the time, use any fond memory or other pleasant thought. Jesus, the Master Teacher, said, “Resist not evil” ~ meaning turn from it and think about something else instead.


Law of Relaxation

Mental effort defeats itself ~ exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind, is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.


Law of Practice

Practice makes perfect. The 5Ps – Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Our bewilderment of magnificence in others, upon further inspection, finds…as Wooden shares ‘you’ll find most of it is practice, the rest of it is work.’ With practice of the correct things, we improve ~ on the other 6 Laws of the Mind.


Law of Forgiveness

To access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, justified or not, exists.


Law of Dual Thought

Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.


Law of Subconscious

As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand ~ accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.


Law of Growth

Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.

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How To Lead an Intentional Life: Creator of The Bullet Journal:


Productive Tool The Bullet Journal

I love journals, but not all are useful.  I use them for a time and then forget about them.  They don’t suit my daily routines in the long-term.  I love the bullet journal concept because I tailor around my daily, weekly, monthly even yearly needs using it for many things e.g. project planning or creating a collection of words or inventorying my Star Wars collection, making lists, scheduling my day.

Since any journal works, I can go back and use those old discarded journals now that I understand how it works.   That saved me some money because I have several discarded journals.  The Bullet Journal is a system for allowing you to be productive in work or organizing your thoughts and life.  I tend to make my journal an all-inclusive, instead of a single journal for each need.


Productive Tool The Bullet JournalNOTE: You can use any kind of journal even a spiral notebook for a bullet journal.  I use a 9×12 spiral sketch pad for mine.  I get mine from Amazon.

I have a small ruler and protractor for creating.  I use color pens, pencils, and sometimes pre-made stencils to trace.

I use my bullet journal for everything.  Planning, Scheduling, Brain Storming, Mind Mapping, Doodling, Notes, Lists, Calendars or writing flash fiction or whatever else I think of doing.

I don’t do the monthly calendar but I do make a weekly one and use a per day page calendar for my day planning and scheduling.  The space within the monthly calendar creates limits, plus, creating a monthly layout takes more time.   The bullet journal gives me a more creative way to break down my plans and schedules, encourages deep thought in the process without having to worry about space in a little square. I bought a pre-made Weekly/Monthly planner created by Blue Sky for basic calendar use in a 5×7 handy size for quick referral.


Bullet Journal – The Analog System for the Digital Age

Getting Started – Bullet Journal

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How to Lead an Intentional Life | Ryder Carroll | TEDxYale   (Creator of The Bullet Journal)






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