Week 3 Let Your Light Shine


This last week has been challenging.  We packed and moved our residence.  We started packing October 3rd, postpone our scheduled move on October 6th and weathered through Hurricane Matthew.  Our final move occurred October 8th–Nine hours with movers that day.

We are still unpacking and trying to find things.  We packed and marked boxes to match rooms keeping them all together, hoping it would all load together, but things did not work out that way.  The movers mixed it all together to pack on the truck and then unloaded it into the garage in the same fashion to make it all fit.  This house is smaller than the one we were in.  Guess we will be getting rid of some things.  You can barely walk through the garage there is so much, so finding what you need has been a bit of a chore.


My internet was turned off on the 6th for our move which was rescheduled due to Hurricane Matthew.  The new service was not installed at our new location until today because of changing service provider and hurricane aftermath.  So happy to finally be back online.  It is amazing how much you miss it when you don’t have it.


As the day’s progress in the Mastermind Key Experience, getting the readings in has been challenging at times but I have done pretty well, except the day of the move on Oct 8th.  I missed some readings because we were up at 6am packing and still going at 11pm that night trying to put it all back together.   The mix together by movers created some problems finding what we needed but it had to be done to get it all in the truck so not complaining, just saying.


I have been learning that some things I thought positive phrasing were in fact not so positive in a useful way for my DMP.  Davene’s examples and explanations on week 3 brought more clarification and enlightenment along with my guides help.  I don’t know if I quite have it yet but my understanding is a bit better.  I am definitely realizing how different MKMMA is from LOA something I have been reading about for years but it missed key elements and points that MKMMA expands.


I am not sure everything is clicking yet but my understanding is a tad better.  Sometimes when reading MK the older language makes you really have to think about it to grasp the principal, but two things stood out to me. Week 3 MK Lesson 13-20 readings.

  1.  Let your light shine.  A bit of metaphorical alchemy and transmutation only it occurs within you.  Let your light shine, is something my mother told me many times growing up and it is also a song I learned in church, “This Little Little Light of Mine”.  (See song below)
  2. We must practice life living in a positive manner to focus that light and direct it where we will for the betterment of ourselves and others.  The ultimate living is in the practice.
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  1. What a week! Your light is shining. You’re right, the older language in the master keys lessons requires more thought, which is helpful in some ways, but can be frustrating when you’re trying to get your reading in on any given day.

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