Week 1 The Wisdom of Nature

While reading the master keys I found myself stopping and going back to number three, the method of thinking and then rereading the first three.

I thought about the first scroll and creating positive habits. It occurred to me that I practiced forming  habits-21 days or bust many times over my lifetime but mostly it was goal setting, tangible physical acts e. g. chores or exercise, work-school learning stuff but never for the method of thinking.  What I think about to some degree with work-school related learning but never about how I think, the manner and the words, really.   It is an interesting distinction.

This realization gave me a tangible physical sensation. I felt lighter somehow.



The sensation when I stop long enough to really ponder the words, holding them in my mind, rolling them around a bit was like savoring a chocolate-hazelnut coffee with real cream, no sugar.  The pleasure was in the taste left on your tongue, and in this case, it was the pleasure left on my mind.








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Week 1 The Magic of Habit


The daily readings are a lot like affirmations as taught through the Laws of Attraction where you are instructed to write a positive statement about yourself (or flip a negative to positive) or desire and repeat it daily out loud until you mind believes it.  Often recommended is standing in front of a mirror and saying it, so you see yourself because it helps your mind start to believe the truth of the words it is hearing with visual reinforcement associated with your own image.


In one way, my rational mind does not like the fact that as a human I am so susceptible to suggestion, but it is a scientific fact, with lots of long term studies to back it up.   Commercials and businesses can make a killing on this fact and do.


For me, the approach of MKE brought home to me in a more specific way how important habits, especially positive habits, are to the daily living.  I’ve been practicing the LOA for years with some success.  Some habits have stayed but many fell to the wayside in loss of habit  or routine, e.g. I stop due to any number of reasons that life kicked at me and my own lack of focus.


Good habits not only make life easier but they help you accomplish more. I like the idea that good habits are the cornerstone of all success.  What that means to me is that people can make REAL and lasting CHANGE by creating a positive habit. 18 Tricks.  It is a matter of training the mind through repetition.  It takes work and time, but real change is possible.


The hardest part is making yourself do the needed repetition that reinforce the belief of habit or thought process embedding into your mind.  It takes time.  It can get monotonous like a chore, which really is the point.  We have to do chores.  You just do them because they need to be done and you often do them without much thought out of habit.




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Week 1 MKMMA Ready For A Reset

Tonight I attended the first webinar which included orientation and touched on the first lesson of the class.  It was long but I enjoyed it.  Guess that means is the first day of the Master Key Experience MKMMA for me.

Requirements so far done, although I am still working on getting my printer to print.  I may have to get a new one or go to the library, but I have not given up on fixing it yet.  I have all the other things although waiting for 2nd copy of The Greatest Salesman That Every Lived by Og Mandino to arrive.

Originally I set my blog up on free WordPress.com but decided to move it to my hosted site where I have my author platform website, which I have had for four years now.  Anyway, when I realized I could created a subdomain and have my MKE blog on my own site I moved it and deleted the free WordPress, which was actually messing with things connected to my author platform.  I am not sure why, but it did.

I also set up a separate twitter account from my author platform twitter, since I did not want to change or add words to the one I have had for four years. So,

  • Blog setup
  • Twitter setup
  • Orientation Webinar attended
  • Survey done
  • First blog post done when I post this
  • Working on DMP
  • Working on Schedule as well
  • Write out the Blueprint Builder
  • 1st Reading of Og will be done tonight last hour of my day, so I can ponder the words of wisdom.  I have read the first 7 chapter up to the first Scroll. Will also be thinking about my DPM.

They talked about Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey, something I know a good deal about, since I have been studying Joseph Campbell for years in connection to my writing.  I have always had a strong interest in  personality typing Meyers-Briggs, but this was my first experience with the color code.  I am a BLUE.  My interests also included over the years the laws of attraction and the hero’s journey as presented by Christopher Vogler for writers.  This book is in my top 10 favorite books and holds a place of honor on my writing desk.

I liked the words create your own truth, your own reality by understanding who you are.  It is funny when asked, what do you want?  That is not so easy.  I can name a lot of stuff but its not my truth.  I’m not sure I really know what that truth is totally, or what I want deep down, soul deep.  It is something I need to think about.  Guess I will be doing that while writing my DMP.

They talked about a lot of things.  I hate that idea that I could be addicted to an emotional chemical reaction of loss, sadness and depression.  That is not who I am, yet I feel all that far too often in the last two years with all the sudden changes in circumstance and situation.  I definitely need to change (reset) my blue print.  The Box theory rocks and it is that, that makes me believe there is something unique here and worth my time and the work I will need to put in to complete it.

What do I want?

I want to reset my blueprint to joy and success as defined by my DPM.

Live, Love, Laugh to the treasure of Joy










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My Color Code is Blue

Stress and anxiety are my nemesis.  We are packing to move end of the month and first of next month, add back and legs problems, chronic fatigue, and the unexpected can mean overwhelming has come to visit for awhile.

I decided not to add the pressure of the Master Key to my stress and worry.  That this was not the right time to do this and the universe is trying to tell me something, and yet here I am wondering if I can meet all conditions.

My printer is not working.  I cannot buy a new one at this vital time in my life situation.  So, I started googling for solutions that might fix it.  I found a partial solution, but still not working.  Googling some more.  I think it’s possible I can find a fix, which is why I am putting some energy and time here.  Will I have it fixed on time, don’t know?  I’m taking it in spurts.  I get overwhelmed, calm myself and go back to it.

I’ve watch the video’s on site, setup my profile and am now waiting for Sunday’s first webinar.

I’m a very serious minded person and take things to heart.  I tend to turn my anxiety back on myself, which is something I have wanted to change for a long time.  I have manage the change for a while in the past, but then fall back to the old blueprint I guess.   I took the color code test and it said I was a BLUE.

I’m going to do this.


Addendum: March 24, 2017. Coming up on the last week of the Master Key Course.   If I were doing this now, my thought process would so different. I  would approach this as a challenge and what can I learn from this.  I would look for kindness and things to be grateful for and more opportunities to help get all of us to our new home.

The home is beautiful and we are happy here.  Stuff just keeps getting better every day.  I see the world with different eyes and a different focus.  I am thankful for this course and all that I have learned about myself.



My Core Color: BLUE        The Color Code Personality test.

I’m INFP Meyer & Briggs.    Meyer & Briggs typing.   

What ARCHETYPE are you?  Take the QUIZ.





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Master Key CONTACT JUNETA  emailto: Juneta Key.

You can also visit my author website at:
JunetaKey(dot)com  Writer’s Gambit  

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Deep Breaths, Exhale

September 15, 2016, Thursday.  It was a frustrating day where nothing went right.  I hate days like those.  Tomorrow will be better.



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Scholarship Received MKMMA 2016

I learned today, September 14, 2016, Wednesday, I am in.  I received a PIF Scholarship from Master Key Mastermind Alliance.



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MKMMA Submitted

Today, September 13, 2016, Tuesday, I submitted my application for the MKMMA for September 2016. I am waiting to see if I receive a PIF scholarship.  I had everything but the books.   I have since managed to acquire a hardback copy of Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman In The World” due to arrived at my home between September 20th – October 5th.  I have a copy packed away in boxes somewhere in my garage.  I am looking for it, if I do not find it, I will order another copy.

I thought this book an interesting choice for curriculum.  I read and collected all of Og Mandio’s books almost 30 years ago, so already familiar with him as an author.  My favorite of his books was “The Christ Commission.”  I am looking forward to rereading him.  I also read J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis in that same time frame and they occupy space on my bookshelves too.


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