My Color Code is Blue

Stress and anxiety are my nemesis.  We are packing to move end of the month and first of next month, add back and legs problems, chronic fatigue, and the unexpected can mean overwhelming has come to visit for awhile.

I decided not to add the pressure of the Master Key to my stress and worry.  That this was not the right time to do this and the universe is trying to tell me something, and yet here I am wondering if I can meet all conditions.

My printer is not working.  I cannot buy a new one at this vital time in my life situation.  So, I started googling for solutions that might fix it.  I found a partial solution, but still not working.  Googling some more.  I think it’s possible I can find a fix, which is why I am putting some energy and time here.  Will I have it fixed on time, don’t know?  I’m taking it in spurts.  I get overwhelmed, calm myself and go back to it.

I’ve watch the video’s on site, setup my profile and am now waiting for Sunday’s first webinar.

I’m a very serious minded person and take things to heart.  I tend to turn my anxiety back on myself, which is something I have wanted to change for a long time.  I have manage the change for a while in the past, but then fall back to the old blueprint I guess.   I took the color code test and it said I was a BLUE.

I’m going to do this.


Addendum: March 24, 2017. Coming up on the last week of the Master Key Course.   If I were doing this now, my thought process would so different. I  would approach this as a challenge and what can I learn from this.  I would look for kindness and things to be grateful for and more opportunities to help get all of us to our new home.

The home is beautiful and we are happy here.  Stuff just keeps getting better every day.  I see the world with different eyes and a different focus.  I am thankful for this course and all that I have learned about myself.



My Core Color: BLUE        The Color Code Personality test.

I’m INFP Meyer & Briggs.    Meyer & Briggs typing.   

What ARCHETYPE are you?  Take the QUIZ.





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