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Productive Tool The Bullet Journal

I love journals, but not all are useful.  I use them for a time and then forget about them.  They don’t suit my daily routines in the long-term.  I love the bullet journal concept because I tailor around my daily, weekly, monthly even yearly needs using it for many things e.g. project planning or creating a collection of words or inventorying my Star Wars collection, making lists, scheduling my day.

Since any journal works, I can go back and use those old discarded journals now that I understand how it works.   That saved me some money because I have several discarded journals.  The Bullet Journal is a system for allowing you to be productive in work or organizing your thoughts and life.  I tend to make my journal an all-inclusive, instead of a single journal for each need.


Productive Tool The Bullet JournalNOTE: You can use any kind of journal even a spiral notebook for a bullet journal.  I use a 9×12 spiral sketch pad for mine.  I get mine from Amazon.

I have a small ruler and protractor for creating.  I use color pens, pencils, and sometimes pre-made stencils to trace.

I use my bullet journal for everything.  Planning, Scheduling, Brain Storming, Mind Mapping, Doodling, Notes, Lists, Calendars or writing flash fiction or whatever else I think of doing.

I don’t do the monthly calendar but I do make a weekly one and use a per day page calendar for my day planning and scheduling.  The space within the monthly calendar creates limits, plus, creating a monthly layout takes more time.   The bullet journal gives me a more creative way to break down my plans and schedules, encourages deep thought in the process without having to worry about space in a little square. I bought a pre-made Weekly/Monthly planner created by Blue Sky for basic calendar use in a 5×7 handy size for quick referral.


Bullet Journal – The Analog System for the Digital Age

Getting Started – Bullet Journal

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How to Lead an Intentional Life | Ryder Carroll | TEDxYale   (Creator of The Bullet Journal)






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