The Blogosphere is doing it again. EATING MY COMMENTS. I’m not Ignoring YOU




Comment Problems:  The Blogosphere is doing it again.  EATING MY COMMENTS.  I have signed on with google+, WordPress and Twitter, comments still eaten.  Some with FB sign on let me comment but not all.    It’s crazy.

So Please don’t think I’m ignoring you on purpose

I wrote about this before.

Why does this always happen when I am participating in a blogging event when I really need it to work?  When I am just visiting things seem to work.

Last time I found a way around it, but my way around is not working this time.  It works on some blogs but not all.  I am beginning to think it is program conflict problems or updates causing interference and conflict since it does not always last.   GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I really hope it goes away soon.  I will look to see if any updates and solutions added reference this continuing problem.

The kicker is that Blogs I comment all the time are eating my comments.  I have not clue what is going on because I have not changed anything.  Maintenance tweaks have changed nothing.

This is really aggravating, time-consuming trying to find a solution.  It is ridiculous this has gone on so long.  I found posts to WP on their support site a couple of years old about this very issue.

Even though it happens on Blogger, I think the glitch is a WP issue, possibly updates to themes and/or WP itself.


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