The Cycle of Change

Life is a Journey of Discovery

Struggle, change, growth is a continual process with many phases and though some may look the same they never are the same in the end.

Every time you go through something similar it comes out changed, different, never quite the same as before; a lesson learned a goal accomplished a new beginning or an ending.

Pick up the pearls of wisdom as you travel and learn from mistakes that we all have to make to move forward.  Sometimes this is easier said than done, I know, but here we go again.  Journey On!

*Reblog previous post 03/2017 still relevant and worth saying again*

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Noticing God in others, seeing gratitude in unexpected places and people. I am thankful, humbled, and overwhelmed with grateful joy and love as I see the outward evidence of change within manifest around me and in others.   To live an inspired life takes gratitude, appreciation, love, and persistence.

It is funny that I am surprised when I see such strong change within me because I have seen it before.  I wrote about another time in my life when I struggled and approached a crossroad and was AWED.   I was younger.  It was different circumstance and yet it was about change, faith, and persistence, acknowledging, appreciation and hope.

A Conversation With God was written around October 2003 after I had gastric bypass surgery, posted on MY Space when that was the “in” social medium and blogging platform on the net.   A time of change for me.

It was re-posted September 25, 2013, on Writer’s Gambit while I was working through what I wanted to blog about, my writing platform and I had just lost my job, so once again I face the challenges of change.  Today is March 11, 2017, and I link back to the post of 2013 on the road of challenge, growth, grace and abundance.

The funny thing is this post in its contents and essence is timeless for me.  It is a reflection of the human condition and the hero’s journey and its many faces for one individual.  When I read my own words I still connect and I am taken to that place of Grace I sought in the prayer and feel the joyful gratitude and awe I felt the first time I wrote it.  This year makes that post almost 19 years old.

God is still with me and within me.  The thing that has changed is I have learned new habits that with persistence lead me and still lead me to the life I was meant to live.  Humble.  Grateful.  Overwhelming AWE.  Riches flow to me in every realm of my life and manifest in this physical world so I might experience joy, happiness, harmony in a balanced life.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

Hannel 19:1-2

1. The search for truth is no longer a haphazard adventure, but it is a systematic process, and is logical in its operation. Every kind of experience is given a voice in shaping its decision.
2. In seeking the truth we are seeking ultimate cause; we know that every human experience is an effect; then if we may ascertain the cause, and if we shall find that this cause is one which we can consciously control, the effect or the experience will be within our control also.

I hold a lot of resistance within. It’s like a tight weave that has to be unraveled one strand at a time, inch by inch. I took the fear that I can’t really change this week and used it do small kindnesses and use mindfulness to achieve small actions, which brought results to my outer world. Humbled, Grateful with Joy & Love in wonderous awe of the spirit within and the spirit without, God in me and God surround me through universal mind.

Hannel 22: 1

  1. Knowledge is of priceless value because by applying the knowledge we can make our future what we wish it to be. When we realize that our present character, our present environment, our present ability, our present physical condition are all the result of past methods of thinking, we shall begin to have some conception of the value of knowledge.

I’m still dreaming, changing, evolving…  I live an inspired life!


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