Week 1 The Magic of Habit


The daily readings are a lot like affirmations as taught through the Laws of Attraction where you are instructed to write a positive statement about yourself (or flip a negative to positive) or desire and repeat it daily out loud until you mind believes it.  Often recommended is standing in front of a mirror and saying it, so you see yourself because it helps your mind start to believe the truth of the words it is hearing with visual reinforcement associated with your own image.


In one way, my rational mind does not like the fact that as a human I am so susceptible to suggestion, but it is a scientific fact, with lots of long term studies to back it up.   Commercials and businesses can make a killing on this fact and do.


For me, the approach of MKE brought home to me in a more specific way how important habits, especially positive habits, are to the daily living.  I’ve been practicing the LOA for years with some success.  Some habits have stayed but many fell to the wayside in loss of habit  or routine, e.g. I stop due to any number of reasons that life kicked at me and my own lack of focus.


Good habits not only make life easier but they help you accomplish more. I like the idea that good habits are the cornerstone of all success.  What that means to me is that people can make REAL and lasting CHANGE by creating a positive habit. 18 Tricks.  It is a matter of training the mind through repetition.  It takes work and time, but real change is possible.


The hardest part is making yourself do the needed repetition that reinforce the belief of habit or thought process embedding into your mind.  It takes time.  It can get monotonous like a chore, which really is the point.  We have to do chores.  You just do them because they need to be done and you often do them without much thought out of habit.




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  • On the other hand, if you’re practicing good habits, aren’t you glad your mind is susceptible to suggestion? Good layout of week one stuff.

    • Juneta

      I find susceptibility a bit scary, but yeah, in this case, a good thing. The mind/brain is a fascinating thing and holds spooky little quirks.

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