Week 1 The Wisdom of Nature

While reading the master keys I found myself stopping and going back to number three, the method of thinking and then rereading the first three.

I thought about the first scroll and creating positive habits. It occurred to me that I practiced forming  habits-21 days or bust many times over my lifetime but mostly it was goal setting, tangible physical acts e. g. chores or exercise, work-school learning stuff but never for the method of thinking.  What I think about to some degree with work-school related learning but never about how I think, the manner and the words, really.   It is an interesting distinction.

This realization gave me a tangible physical sensation. I felt lighter somehow.



The sensation when I stop long enough to really ponder the words, holding them in my mind, rolling them around a bit was like savoring a chocolate-hazelnut coffee with real cream, no sugar.  The pleasure was in the taste left on your tongue, and in this case, it was the pleasure left on my mind.








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