Week 13 I received the golden Budda for Christmas.

This is kind of awesome.  I don’t think the universe can shout at me much clearer than this.   I received the golden Budda for Christmas.  It was picked out, without adult help by 6-year-old twins.

I received the golden Budda for Christmas.

The twins told their mom I had to have them.  They were very specific and insistent, she said, about which one’s they wanted to give me out of a selection of many.

The Budda, she said was insisted upon when she suggested another selection because she did not care for that one.  BUT, he said oh no, this one.   The Jade elephant of good fortune from the other twin, also insisting on the one he picked, so I got two one from each of them.

When they woke me up this morning for Christmas the first thing they did was bring me their little presents to me.  It was so sweet.  That alone was a blessing and a joy.

Talk about manifestation.  My environment has been affected—I’m just impatient.  Need to work on that one and blind sometimes even with eyes to see and ears to hear.

One of my deepest needs for daily living was met in the immediacy of here and now.

I have leg and back problems and constant pain.  I declined really quick in the last 2 years to where I really was not very mobile, almost house bound.  I could not go do things because I had to sit often to maintain bearable pain levels to function and I can only walk short distances with my cane.   I have bad balance issues and even with a cane I feel like I will fall all the time.  The way I have to walk with the cane does not promote steadiness, because it keeps my body off center.

I can walk with this new rolling seat without fear of falling because of balance issues.  Having something to hold onto with both hands in front of me took away the feelings of unsteadiness as I walk.

If I need to sit anywhere, I can.  I also was given a scooter that needs some work but once updated will allow me to go to places like theme parks again without having to pay a lot to get around renting a scooter or to Key West where rental like that can really cost ya.

I cried because it was like getting my freedom back.  I am so grateful that words are inadequate.   I’ve have felt so trapped and betrayed by my body.

Yet I a grateful because my challenges have led me to these moments of joy.  I am so blessed.  Even as my eyes really see I am shocked at how blind I have been.

So Grateful!!


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Author: Juneta

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2 thoughts on “Week 13 I received the golden Budda for Christmas.”

  1. Inexplicable things, Juneta. Inexplicable things. Love the Golden Budda and the Jade Elephant. Wonderful, thoughtful, and moving gifts no matter the age of the gifter. Even more special given the youth.

    That rolling seat will be wonderful for your mobility. And scooters make a huge difference. I don’t need mine so much now that my knees are replaced and healed, but my husband is finding incredible value in his. You are so right. It’s like getting your life back!
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