Week 13 Getting Wiser All The Time

I’m a little Yo-Yo!  I have been reading over my posts and I realized my ups and downs have been occurring, week to week to every other week since I started MKE.


However, I can clearly see a change in me through those post and you know what I realized?  When faith falls short PERSIST until you succeed because persistence builds faith.  Persistence “creates evidence” of your accomplishments, persistence builds confidence, persistence builds self-esteem, persistence gives you a roadmap to navigate the obstacles of life and sometimes the will to plow right through them.

Some words come to mind that may contain a negative factor in language but they are also useful qualities when put to positive use:  Hardheaded, Stubborn, Determined


“Life’s a journey, not a destination.” ~unk

First time I heard this quote it was said by Steven Tyler, but it’s older and been around longer than him.

“I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due; yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.” ~Og Mandino

With all goals and dreams the adventure, the thrill, and the joy, is mostly derived in the journey to get there and I guess maintaining it.  Once there we find or search for another goal and/or begin to dream another dream even if maintaining the other.   The living of life is the journey and the wisdom gained from the growth we achieve along the way or the fall.

At the rate I’m going, I am going to be very, very, very WISE! 

Peter Hollen’s New Family Christmas Album on his channel on YouTube:  All Sound on Peter Hollen’s solo songs I know are voice only which is amazing. (1 of 13 songs)  Album reveal on his channel another video through the new year.

Content list in the upper left-hand corner or click on youtube emblem and watch on youtube in lower right corner.

My fave’s”Mary Did You Know” & “O Come, Emanuel” by Peter & December Song acapella & written by Peter.  ALL Voice only Peter does all parts.

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