Week 18 Your Inner Self-Talk Shapes Your Reality


Self-Talk Creates Reality Neville Goddard

This lecture by Neville Goddard has some wonderful examples of how we talk to ourselves and how that self-talk reflects in our daily lives.  How easy it is not to even recognize what you are doing because we all talk to ourselves constantly it is a natural function of beings.   Without the religious content this talk would still apply and possesses great wisdom for the common man in the same way the greats e.g. Socrates shared wisdom of the ages with his time that still applies today.

Do you argue with yourself or other people in your mind before it happens in reality?  I know I do especially when I am frustrated about something going on in my life that involves other people.  It was that example of daily living in the here and now in the lecture that hit home with me.   The next lecture is called How To Use Your Imagination.

I have often heard “change your mind change your life.”  It follows change your thoughts (inner talk) and transform your life.

~Hannel 18: 17

17. The only belief which is of any value to anyone is a belief that has been put to a test and demonstrated to be a fact; it is then no longer a belief, but has become a living Faith or Truth.


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