Week 21 The 5 Second Rule


The thegymking on MKE site posted this video link.    It is worth a watch.



Yesterday I learned about the 5 Second Rule.  I was asked about a blog post about it, but I did not Know enough to really formula a firm perception of the technique.

I practiced it yesterday.  Mel Robbins says that THE counting backward process interrupts the sub process and hesitation factor that ALL humans do immediately with any thought and pushes thought to the frontal cortex where you take action.

According to Robbin’s, The key is interrupting the old to replace with a new response-immediate action without hesitation–GERONIMO.   I will keep practicing this really easy and simple techique and let you know what I notice in the future.

I found when I immediately counted backward 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 in the second I would have hesitated, that inserting backward count,  I would then follow through with the action of standing up.  I was already on my feet so I just did it.  I was already moving to Do It Now.

If it happens enough I can see how the auto response will reprogram to become Do It Now.  Such a simple, small technique to have such an immediate impact and with less thought and effort.

I really enjoy hearing Mel talk about the science behind this.   Check the videos.  Her book release Feb 28th, The 5 Second Rule.   Her first book already out is Stop Saying You’re Fine: Discover a More Powerful You.



I just rewatched the TEDtalk.  The 5 Second Rule is about taking any action that will marry the idea you have with action so you will continue to act on it instead of dismissing it or never getting back to it.  It makes sense.  This jewel comes at the end of the talk.

MelRobbins.com  Site

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