Week 24 & 23 Defenselessness

We have found that thought is the creative activity behind every constructive enterprise. We can, therefore, give nothing of more practical value than our thought. 

Creative thought requires attention, and the power of attention is, as we have found, the weapon of the Superman. Attention develops concentration, and concentration develops Spiritual Power, and Spiritual Power is the mightiest force in existence.

~Hannel 23: Intro~

~ Hannel 24: 29

Now, the only activity which the spirit possesses is the power to think.
Therefore, thought must be creative, because spirit is creative. This creative power is impersonal and your ability to think is your ability to control it and make use of it for the benefit of yourself and others.


I lift my hands to heaven

And stand in Defenselessness

Somewhere inside the churning

I hear a voice…

Be Still

Deep Within the Soul

I Hear

No Judgement here

Search.   Discover.

I AM Free

To Just Be.

~Juneta 033317~

Law of least Effort – Accept people, situations, and events as they occur. Take responsibility for your situation and for all events seen as problems. Relinquish the need to defend your point of view.


~Hannel 23: 10

10. The power of attention is called concentration; this power is directed by the will; for this reason, we must refuse to concentrate or think of anything except the things we desire. Many are constantly concentrating upon sorrow, loss and discord of every kind; as thought is creative it necessarily follows that this concentration inevitable leads to more loss, more sorrow and more discord. How could it be otherwise? On the other hand, when we meet with success, gain, or any other desirable condition, we naturally concentrate upon the effects of these things and thereby create more, and so it follows that much leads to more.







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