Week 5 Stage Fright

I’m struggling with writing my Press Release.  Several have written theirs and as I read some of the awesome press releases I am embarrassed I can’t figure out mine.  I get stage fright in real life so bad I blank out and don’t remember the event or what I did.

I guess I should shoot for a private interview.  Maybe that will make it easier to write.  I interview authors all the time on my other blog and writer platform, Writer’s Gambit, but having trouble pretending to interview myself for this.

Okay, I going to get back to it and try it again.   I’ll be doing another blog post soon for week 5 + Press Release.


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  • Remember, you’re doing an interview with your future self, so it’s not the you of today. Looking forward to reading.

  • I went back to read your first post, and am delighted that you are moving forward with all of this. Can’t wait to read your press release. Just think of it as a private conversation with one of us 🙂

  • You Can Do It! Have a look at how simple I made mine. I just imagined a reporter was asking me about the things that I have in my DMP except its in the future and they have already happened. I look forward to reading it yours.

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