Week 6 Be Kind Don’t Criticize


“I will greet this day with love in my heart.”   ~Og Mandino

My routine has been thrown off from outside influence and life demands from others.  This  week has been harder for me.  I have one speed due to physical handicap, slow & steady, and when you add more on my normal routine I falter and flounder.

I admit I’ve missed some reads this week, but I am hanging in and just picking back up.  The unexpected is continuing into this weekend with several unplanned things, so trying to rearrange my schedule and expectations of self.  Love myself and have a little compassion on me, because I was thinking maybe I’m not ready for this but that is the old blueprint talking.

I am my worst critic with a tendency to beat myself up when I fall below my own expectation.  This week despite setbacks I am telling that negative self to shut the hell up and replacing that with kindness, compassion and love. My “spirit” is gregarious and loving.  I need to be as supportive and kind to myself as I am to others.   Learning to cope and adapt a turtle to the unexpected is sometimes extremely challenging.

Taking heart from the Turtle: 

The story of the Turtle and the Hare.




Turtles have existed since the prehistoric times. They must make it to the sea to live once they are born. First breath of life is a fight for survival. (animated)

Baby turtles fight to live slowly making their way to the ocean (Real Life)

Sea Turtles & Music for Meditation.   Symbolically the sea represents the subconscious.  Learning about life and limitations from the turtle.

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  • Lee

    Nice blog Juneta. It’s nice to know I’m not on my own with the struggle against the old blueprint. I think it’s normal, the old BP is not going to give up without a fight. Keep strong.

  • You’re on the right track. I have struggled in the past when something has upset my routine. Sometimes even when I knew it was coming. We’ve been traveling in one way or another since September 28, and I have struggled some in recent weeks. I have felt despair nosing around the edges of my consciousness, but I continue on even in the face of that (that scroll is coming, and it is wondrous). I remind myself that “what’sa behind me makes no difference.” (“The Great Race” movie line.) I focus on the present and what I can do today. It’s all going to be just fine.

  • Cristin

    Hi Juneta- I have had a difficult time keeping up with the course in addition to the day in & day out of life. Great comparison with the story of the tortoise & the hare. 🙂

  • Stay committed AND love yourself through the journey Juneta. A delicate balance for sure. The one thing we can count on is that “stuff happens.” As we learn grace for ourselves, it shows up for others too!

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