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The year is 2035. 

The age of the HOLOnet. In the beginning…

Microsoft HoloLens | Partner Spotlight with Legendary

The world began to be redefined by this technology created by Microsoft Corporation when they introduce the HoloLens in 2015.  

That is the year that this New York Times & USA Today’s bestselling author Juneta Key began a journey that would change her life.  Download the interview connection to your HOLOnet in your home or read the transcript below.


candanceavatarCandace:  “Good Morning HOLOviewer’s”, I’m Candace Berke.

I’m coming to you live within the HOLO environment of New York Times & USA Today’s bestselling speculative fiction author, Juneta Key.  Tell us a bit about your choice of HOLO environment, Juneta.”

metreasureislandremovebackgroundcropJuneta:  “Well Candace, I chose an environment from my paranormal mystery series, “Wing’s Over Texas”.

We are standing in the first level of the nine hells, Cave of Sorrow’s.  In this short origin story we learned how my heroine, a guardian angel becomes human, but retains her wings and joins a new world paranormal investigative unit.  I am in the process of going back and creating holo stories with my older work.

Candace:  How do you use holo technology to tell your stories?

Juneta:   I use the technology to observe each scene and the work as a whole, determine whether a scene works and change anything that seems unrealistic or just flat.  It’s great for revealing continuity in story.   It also allows me to use more of my own senses in a very literally way to write.

I find a satisfaction in building a story, almost in a physical way, like a sculptor in clay watching your art materialize in front of your eyes.  I think it helps me add richness and add vividiness that enhances the reading in a more 3-dimensional way without being a holovid.  When it works it is pure pleasure.

My main writing and first drafts are still hand written or typed.  I still mind map on paper, in journals and on the computer when writing the first draft by choice.  Holotech, for me, comes into play in my 2nd or 3rd drafts, or if I have a real problem a scene I can’t work out.

Overall, HOLO technology allows writer’s to test ideas, brainstorm or watch final drafts play out visually before putting the story out into the world in written form or any other form.  It took the art of story craft to another level.

{A brief HOLO clip plays off to the side on a big screen stage like platform.    A interview set with two chairs appears within the HOLO environment.  The avatar’s of Candace and Juneta step out of the story world and onto the interview set taking their seats. The holo clip repositions in minature on the coffee table in front of where they are sitting.}

Candace:   Hasn’t Holo technology already changed the way the world shares stories?

Juneta:  Yes.  Definitely.  Change and growth are part of life.  The world is always changing and redefining itself.  For storytellers the times, industry and technology may change in the way this is done, but STORY is as old as our human history.

The need for good writer’s will always exist.  Anyone can tell a story, but telling it well in a way that affects the world is an artform.  The art of story craft will always have a place from cave walls to holovids.”

Candace: Do you think holo will replace reading?

Juneta:  No, I don’t think it will replace reading.  Reading is a needed life skill.  A reader reads for three basic reasons generally to learn, for more knowledge-understanding and/or how-to’s, or the pleasure of reading.

Candace:  “Do you think HOLO tech will eventually replace books and movies for entertainment purposes?”

Juneta:  Replace books and movies?  Not so much.   Will some prefer HOLO to books and movies?

Sure, but not everyone will want to get that involved with a story.  People still read and watch movies for reasons of escape and a way to destress through entertainment.

For me personally, I am a voracious reader.  I like holo, but my go-to is still reading.   I love the written word.  I actually have no memory of not reading because my mother taught me to read before I started school.

Besides, reading gets inside the character’s mind and allows you to experience the feelings and thoughts, not just the actions retaining some distance in a more cerebral and imaginative way without props.

HOLOvids give the experience of realism.  It is more of an emergence experience relying on reaction in the moment, or game mode giving the reader/player the ability to actually participate as a character in the story and decide the actions taken in a particular scene.    The character’s thought’s and feelings are an unknown element, unless observed or verbally expressed, just like everyday interaction with people in real life.  Not everyone will want to get that involved in their entertainment.

Candace:  “Well if we judge by how many books & holo stories you’ve sold that is certainly true.  You’ve sold what?  12 million this year alone several translated into other languages.

You’ve had two series made into movies, a holo series and a game world franchised, as well as a TV series that is on its 7th year plus several stand alones stories made into movies.  How does that make you feel?”

Juneta:  “Grateful, humbled, amazed, blessed, inspired…  There are no words for the feelings.  I am just so deeply grateful that others love and enjoy my stories.  My readers are awesome.

(Juneta’s avatar turns to the avatar audience.)

Thank you all for the wonderful emails and letters, the encouragement, support and inspiration that you have given me over the years that has allowed me to write and do the thing I love every day.  Thank you for this life you have given me.”

{Applause from the audience avatars.}

Candace:  Many of your readers may not know that you really do give back to your readers.  Can you tell us some of the ways you do this?

Juneta: I have helped establish many holo libraries around the country so that everyone might have access to this wonderful teaching technology. There is a holo library now in every city.  The library itself is a total experience.  As you know the technology is used fairly heavily in schools, especially colleges for teaching.

Those that can’t afford it for class assignments can borrow it.  We are working on getting funding for all schools to help make sure every child has access to the learning tools needed for today’s curriculum.

Candace:   Didn’t you help establish a fund specifically for reading?

Juneta:   Yes, despite our advancement there are children who still get through our school system without being able to read.  Holo technology unfortunately has enabled and made that a larger concern than it already was.

This fund sponsors education programs that pays teachers and tutors to work with kids struggling in school to learn the basic’s such as reading, math, or whatever at no cost to the families.  It is also available to anyone who may need just a little extra help.  There are requirements but each case is assessed on its own merit.

Other things funded are teachers for specific learning disabilities, aids and in home assistance on a case by case merit system.

Candace:  Isn’t there a program specifically for the elderly and disabled too?

Juneta:  Yes.  That program provides equipment and audible books to those who can no longer see well enough to read or are disabled.

It also pays people to read to those in nursing homes on a weekly basis so they are not dependent on the availability of volunteers.  It is something they can count on and look forward to each week.   Some prefer holovids and we provide those too.

Candace:  You travel often.  Is this for research for your books or pure pleasure?

Juneta:  Both.  I am so blessed.  I love the sense of freedom being able to stay in any place I visit for longer than two weeks.  I’ve stayed in some places for the experience and researching my books as long as six months.  My favorite places involved forests or some place tropical such as the clear aqua-blue waters of the Bahamas, or standing under the dark-starry dome of Hawaii, or sailing the jewel-blue Grecian Aegean seas.  There is a sense of achievement, wonder and humbleness that I find hard to express in words at just being in these places.  I am so grateful for my life.

Candace:  What do you do when you are not traveling or writing?

Juneta:  I’m always writing even when I appear to be doing nothing.  But, I like hanging out with friends visiting, doing the tourist thing, especially on a boat.  I love taking cruises, boating on a lake, jet skiing in the ocean.  I also like getting involved in special projects like we named above with libraries, schools and nursing homes or whatever takes my interest.  I prefer a laid-back pace of life instead of the microwave rat race pace.

Candace:  What about your home life?  Where do you come home to when you are not traveling?

Florida Home:


Juneta:  I make my home in Florida and Texas.  Always near the ocean or a lake.  I generally lease, but I just recently bought a house on Lake Fork in Texas.

Texas Lake home:



Candace:  When can we expect your next book release or Holovid?

Juneta:  I am working on a special Halloween release right now.  Research involves visiting graveyards and going on ghost tours in various location around the world.   I’m starting in Southern USA.  New Orleans is one of our first stops.  I will post about it on my blog plus photos as that evolves.

Candace:  We’ve talked about a lot of things but can you share with us how this journey changed your life?

Juneta:   I started pursuing writing as a career in 2012 but with a lot of starts and stops, ups and downs.  In 2016 I joined the Master Key Mastermind Alliance through a pay it forward scholarship.  I learned practical exercises that actually help me to change the way I think, my subconscious blueprint of auto response to overcome bad habit and enhance my state of mind and make my dreams come true.

The biggest blessing is the way it change the way I felt about life in general.  In 2016 I had hit one my lowest points in life, discourage, despairing, struggling to survive and find my way again.    I learned skills that helped me make the changes I needed to make and even while I still struggled life became a joyful place for me again.

Candace:   Sounds like a miracle.

Juneta:   Not a miracle, hard work and developing good habits.  Anyone can do it but not unless they put in the work.

Candace:  Well Juneta we are out of time.  I would love to have you back again and you could tell us more about the Master Key Experience.

Juneta:  Any time Candace.  Thank you for having me.


MKMMA EXERCISE: DMP ~ Major Definite Purpose Interview With Future Self

The MasterKey Experience: MKMMA

Completed 2016 MasterKeyExperiencee March 26th, 2017 September 2016 to March 2017

I learned so much but best of all it taught me how to talk to myself and change my life.  It’s work, but so worth it.

My DMP movie trailer board.

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